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Bindery Specialists is committed to providing the best in customer service. We offer professional and friendly assistance to our customers for whatever they may need. That is why we are proud of our continued success in satisfying one customer after the other. Don't just take our word for it-be sure to read through our customer testimonials, and you'll see why we are the best in the business!


Terry Moore of World Press Printing -

To Whom it May Concern:

I would like to recognize Al Esnaola with Bindery Specialists Inc. for providing World Press with exceptional service to troubleshoot and repair my DigiVac+ collator with BookMaster Pro and TrimMaster Pro. I had a very important booklet job on (the machine) for one of my best clients with a quantity of 40, 000 and another 20,000 for another valued client. My machine would not clinch one of the staples. This caused the sheets to jam, which skewed the fold and trim.

I found Bindery Specialists by searching the internet looking for help. It was a blessing to find Al. He patiently listened to my description of what was happening and immediately provided suggestions on what parts to check. He also sent an e-mail to Watkiss and forwarded the response the next morning. Along with that, he sent three circuit boards and a clincher in case one of them had failed. As it turned out, the problem was a bad connection in the wires between the staple head and the clincher. I was back up and running by the end of the day.

I will continue to buy parts and consult with Al at Bindery Specialists as long as I have my DigiVac+ and important clients to serve. I now know I can count on someone to call me back in critical situations with production deadlines.


Terry Moore

Vice President, Operations

World Press Inc.

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Jim Colt of Colt Reproduction Center -


If you are looking for an incredible deal on a 10 to 12 station unit, check out the Vario bookletmaker from Al Esnaola at A number of these units were sold to Copy Max and they never figured out how to use them, so they are truly like new. Al's company purchased a pile of them as the US Vario parts distributor. He is reconditioning them and they sell for around $20,000. A well known competitor is still selling them (and servicing) this exact same unit for around $65,000. I purchased one (and we know of several others that did also) - we are all happy campers, smiling all the way to the bank.




Jim Colt

Colt Reproduction Center

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