Bindery Specialists - Reconditioned Equipment

Bindery Specialists specializes in the sale of used and reconditioned WATKISS VARIO and rotary collators. We have over 17 years of experience working on these machines day in and day out, so don’t waste your money going anywhere else.

Any reconditioned collator or booklet maker begins with a complete disassembly. We inspect every sprocket and bushing, replacing anything that is out of tolerance. We replace all of the belting and conveyor wheels - regardless how long the machine may have sat. We inspect and upgrade any motors or circuit boards as needed. We finish with a complete battery of testing, and provide you with a full 30-day warranty. We touch up any painted surfaces, and provide you with a finished machine that will appear as if it just left the production line. When it comes to servicing the WATKISS VARIO and rotary collator, no one else can compare to us!

Bindery Specialists reconditions FALTEX folders on request. We still stock many of the parts necessary to bring your machine back to optimal folding performance. We have over 30 years experience with folders and folding, so rest assured you will receive factory-level service and support.

Bindery Specialists can recondition or rebuild your MASTERFOLD or SRA-3 folding machine to like-new status. Please call us for more information.

VARIO Benchtop VARIO rebuild
rotary close-up