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Bindery Specialists is your last-remaining source for FALTEX folder parts and supplies! These have been considered the finest table-top folder ever made. Virtually silent belt-driven rollers, auto-set paper calipers (711 only), the ability to fold down to 3/4", perf/score/slitting kits, even a right-angle are available! If precise folding is what you are after, there is no other folder that can compare!

We have the largest inventory of parts and boards for these machines in North America. We also are your source for rebuilding of your machine. If you are in the market for one of these little gems, we have some reconditioned units available.

Please call us for more information!

Faltex 710

This is a FALTEX 710 CS. It is a two-plate machine with a compact suction feeder, and a short delivery. The 710 uses constant-pressure rollers, so setup time is greatly reduced. This is the entry-level folder FALTEX offered, and was years ahead of it’s competition. 

The FALTEX 711 LL pictured here is the next step up for production use. Available as a 2-plate or 4-plate parallel. With it’s 14” X 25” long feeder, it was right at home next to a floor-model folder. The available batching counter, vertical stacker, slitting / scoring / perforating kits, optional right angle (2-plate or 4-plate), all add up to provide you with a true paper folding machine.

We still have a few systems like this one available. Please call us for more information!

Faltex 711 LL